About Us

Get to know us and our goals

Our Mission:

The mission of Dog Unleashed  is to provide pets the best care while their companion is away. We will do this by providing compassionate attention and gentle treatment to all animals by a staff that is well-trained, competent and caring. We know that your pets are as important to you as any other family member and our mission is to care for them as family while you are unable to.

Our Facility:

Dog Unleashed is the City of Boynton Beach’s FIRST indoor dog park, boarding, grooming, daycare facility with a bar. We offer professional grooming as well as a one of a kind pet boutique with products that you will not find in retail stores. Our location is a 20,000 square foot space to provide our guests a unique roaming experience with a cozy home atmosphere.  Over 12,000 of the square footage has been designed specifically for indoor daycare with 6 different yards. The outside area is over 500 sq ft. of free run space with K-9 grass. We have built a facility that is clean and will maintain your pet’s health. We have specialized Air Conditioning Unit made specifically for boarding to keep airborne pathogens away. We believe in upholding the highest standards for sanitation and odor control. We believe that the greatest gift we have is the love that our pets give to us.

Our Employees:

A requirement for employment at Dog Unleashed is that every employee has a pet or multiple pets in their home. We believe that in order to give our customer’s pets the love and care they require and deserve, we must all know what that feels like by having pets of our own. Our staff goes through over 40 hours of FetchFind Training, the leading educational and resource training in the pet industry. Our staff partner with other peers for their first 3 weeks of training to ensure they are 100% capable prior to working a shift with the dogs alone. We stand behind our training and know we are the best in the industry at what we do. We do real life application training for every imaginable instance that happens while managing a pack of animals. Last but not least, our certified groomers provide a state of the art professional grooming with a multitude of choices for your breed.

While boarding with us at Dog Unleashed your pet will never be alone.  They will be accompanied by someone from our staff 24 hours a day ensuring that we take the best care of your companion while they are not with you (Due to Covid-19, some changes were made to this policy, call for more information).

We are Dog Unleashed and we will give your pet the best vacation, spa day or grooming experience that you could imagine for them.